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Thanks to each of you who work with government, education, or private business for your continuing help with MedellinInfo.  Your constructive comments, suggestions, offers of content and encouragement, are most appreciated. We will continue to provide free LINKS to all those websites who promote the area.

 In response to the question:, "how do you make money with MedellinInfo", my only answer is: "we do not, the website is a not for profit gift to the people of Medellin and Antioquia".  My new friends share with me, what they love about living and working here, and we do our best to pass this info. along to the rest of the world-on the Internet.   That which you truly love, becomes a part of you-forever. 

So that you might share in a small indication of our initial success, we have included the Visitor Statistics for  MedellinInfo. The statistics are created by a third party, and are updated daily. The annual cost of hosting websites includes statistics which can easily be accessed by all website owners and designers through their websites Control Panel. Nearly every Hispanic website mentions their: "Mission".  Statistics will verify if their website is supporting their Mission, yes, or no. If we do not know where we are going, any road we take, will get us there!

 Our statistics indicates a strong month-after-month growth in  the number of visitors.  Statistics show there are thousands of international visitors to our website, who want to learn more about Antioquia and Medellin.  As proud Paisas, this interest is to your credit, more than ours. 

We must open the doors to the world to improve tourism, foreign investment in businesses, jobs creation, and real estate such as homes, apartments, farms, etc.  If our economy is to help the poor secure jobs and more options in life, we must bring NEW MONEY into circulation to compliment our near total dependency on the more comfortable re-circulation of Colombian Pesos. 

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