Shopping Centers


OVIEDO-Located in the Poblado area,
this upscale shopping center was visited
at nighttime-dramatic lighting.

OVIEDO-The front "open air entrance"
with cove in-direct lighting gives a taste
of what's to come.

OVIEDO-Four floors (pisa's) plus the underground garage. At the various entrances are the store location maps.

OVIEDO-Underground Garage entrance. Here, you can drop-off your fellow shoppers before parking the car.

OVIEDO-A dramatic view into the four floors with the focus on the multi-screen Movie Theater. Get the pun?

OVIEDO-Exquisite shops offer beautiful window displays tease interested shoppers to stroll in for a closer look.

OVIEDO-Looking down upon the Food Court with offerings to suit every taste. I went for the homemade ice cream-ummm

OVIEDO-Always plenty of rides and fun things for the kids to enjoy.

OVIEDO-Inclined ramps, stairs and escalators move shoppers effortlessly, from floor to shopping floor.

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