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Exito Supermarket/Superstores can be found in the following Medellin areas: Exito Colombia, Exito Envigado, Exito Guayaquil, Exito Laureles, Exito Poblado, Exito San Antonio, Exito Bello. Visit the Exito Home Page at: http://www.exito.com.co/

EXITO-"Exito" means "results" or "success". This EXITO Superstore (similar to Wal-Mart) is near a METRO Station.

EXITO-Music and Entertainment Department. Well trained and friendly associates, ready to help.

EXITO-A customer listens to the latest CD release. Try before you buy!

EXITO-The Bakery Department. Variety, variety, variety. Notice the wide isles.

EXITO-Frozen Foods. Prices for comparable food items are between 30-49% LESS than in the u.s.

EXITO-Dairy Section. Delicious, fresh products that I can't find in "my"
favorite Publix back in Florida.

EXITO-Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
are favorites of all Hispanic people. A
healthy lifestyle that helps keep the
weight down!

EXITO-Fresh Sea Food displayed on
a bed of ice. Prices are per Kilo.
Rough quickie conversion: 1K= 2 lbs.
Pesos 2.000=$1 u.s.

EXITO-Ooops! "No photos allowed".
I explained my "mission" and the manager and his associate posed for
a picture. Fantastic!

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