Shopping Centers

TESORO-Front entrance to EL TESORO
("The Treasure") Shopping Center.

TESORO-Located in the El Poblado area, the pampered shoppers drive right into the underground parking.

TESORO-Just one of the many interior courtyards. Here the cute attendants are doing a public opinion poll.

TESORO-Notice the multi screen Movie Theater, Tower Records, Reebok Shoes, etc. Makes you feel at home!

TESORO-The Food Court offers plenty of variety in an indoor/outdoor setting. It's near the children's play area.

TESORO-Children's Play Area. While the adults "shop till they drop" the kids deserve some fun too!

TESORO-The Play area includes a train with tracks that run along the stream and through the woods. Neat!

TESORO-The painted wall of a popular fast-food restaurant. How many of the Entertainment stars do you recognize?

TESORO-Convenient parking for the up-scale POMONA GROCERY CENTER, which is also featured in our photo gallery.

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