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Colombian cuisine is varied and regional. The more typical dishes are referred to as comida criolla.
Some examples are: sancocho de gallina (chicken soup), carne en polvo (ground beef), arepas de choclo (fresh corn tortillas), empanadas (meat-filled turnovers), ají (hot sauce), ajiaco (Bogota's chicken and potato soup), bandeja paisa, natilla, buñuelos (fried cheese puffs), hojuelas (fried puff squares), rice with coconut, Antioquian beans, sobrebarriga (flank steak) mantecada (bun made with lard), papas chorreadas, pandeyuca (yucca bread), and carne desmechada.

Colombia also has an incredible variety of tasty fruits. A few of these are: guanábana, lulo, zapote, mamoncillo, uchuva, feijoa, granadilla, maracuyá, tomate de árbol, borojó, mamey and tamarindo.

Colombia is well known for its coffee, and Medellin is no exception. As with any large city, there are the usual chain restaurants, however the American "fast-food culture" has not made a huge splash in the country.

One treat that will leave anyone stuffed is the "Tipico Antioqueño"; arepa con queso (small flatbreads with cheese on top), beans, chicken, rice, eggs, chicharron (salted meat), and patacon (deep-fried plantain pancakes). Topping that off with a Colombian beer and a cup of "chocolate" (pronounced the Spanish way - it's milky, sweet hot chocolate) makes for an excellent meal. An excellent place to eat typical food is Hatoviejo.

There is a large variety of restaurants all throughout Medellin, especially concentrated around the 'Zona Rosa' or social zone, which is located in Poblado between Parque Poblado and Parque Lleras. You can find more or less what ever food you desire in these areas and at good quality for comparatively cheap prices to the US, although there is a shortage of authentic Greek, Indian and Thai restaurants. Sushi is increasingly popular and may be found at the larger malls or supermarkets that are more "international."


Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the main days to party in Medellín, the rest of the week the mainstream nightlife isn't really exciting. Most bars and clubs close at 3am.

  • El Blue is a popular place with cross-over music (a mix of rock and local music). It's popular with gringos and 'gringo hunters'. Thursday´s the night to go.

  • Republica opposite of El Blue offers electronic music and local music.

  • Mangos is the most famous of clubs here in Medellín and has a reputation of being visited by rich mafia-related Colombians but is also usually full of incredibly hot women (proceed with caution, some women are paid for). Also it is very very expensive at about $5 per beer and $25 for a small bottle of rum.

  • Universal is a relatively new club which rivals Mangos for size and popularity but generally has a much younger clientele.

  • Palmaia is the newest, biggest and arguably best club in Medellin and has a capacity of 3000 people. Standard crossover music with a boxing ring for girl-fights!

  • B-Lounge is an electronic disco with rich, beautiful women as is...

  • La Kasa which are both good on Thursday nights as it's Ladies Night.

  • Circus is a new venue with great views over Medellin. Very popular with the beautiful, in-crowd and normally plays cross-over music.

  • Es La Bon is a great place to watch, or if you can, dance salsa. It's located in the centre so some precaution is necessary.

  • Vinacure An incredibly trippy place - expensive to get in but definitely worth seeing once. The entire club is designed by a noted Colombian sculptor. Try to go when German, the owner is about, so you can check out The Naked Room, an interactive art exhibition that must be experienced naked.

The area around Parque Lleras, (la Zona Rosa), has a concentration of restaurants and bars and great people watching. It is active on most nights and a must visit for those looking for Colombian night life. The major restaurants on the corner, El Rojo and Basilica are great for food, drinks and people watching. Occasionally they have live music or big screens when important football matches are played.

Parque Lleras is interesting any night of the week although admittedly Thursday, Friday and Saturday are far more lively. There are places, mostly electronic music venues open till 6 or 7am outside of the city limits as the laws forbid any bar to remain open after 3pm. People however gather around Parque Poblado until dawn drinking, smoking and chatting. You can buy cigarettes, alcohol and anything else you could wish for from the street vendors until the last man standing.

Just outside of Medellin, there are many venues in Sabaneta, and a very interesting, unusual and fun art-museum/bar called Vinacure in Caldas. It's truly unique. Entry is about US$4. To get there, take a taxi to the beginning of Caldas (carrera 50 No 100D Sur 07, Caldas). Or you can take a bus.


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