La Poblado Apartments-a Photographic Gallery
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Notice the wooded look surrounding the apartments. The first photo gives you an idea of apartment density in La Poblado. Because of planned orientation and the promotion and maintenance of large trees and meandering streams, El Poblado exists in a park like setting.

With the mild, year around "spring temperatures", its common for apartment dwellers to leave their windows and balcony doors open. Having walked through much of Poblado, during both day and night hours, I am continually surprised as to how quiet it is...very tranquil. In the early morning hours, before work, many people jog or fast walk up and down the winding roads.

Most of the apartment complexes have their own gardens, walkways, recreational and children's play areas. Parking is either covered, or built under the complex. All apartments are within fences and entered through security gates which are manned 24 hours a day.

There are many other nice residential areas in Medellin, but most locals agree that La Poblado sets standards for excellence.

The remaining gallery photos give you some idea of the building boom that is going on in Medellin-and in fact, throughout Colombia. Will the boom continue, or will the "bubble burst". One thing you can count on: the more the housing market is PROMOTED OUTSIDE* of Colombia, where it is most evident that Colombia prices are surprisingly low, and the lifestyle very comfortable, the longer the boom will remain, and values continue to increase.

*Note from Medellin Info: The vast majority of real estate and construction office personnel do not promote on the Internet, and nearly all employees speak Spanish only-sad, but true!



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