Conquistadores - Medellin, Colombia

Gringo friend buys Conquistadores apartment


Conquistadores - Medellin, Colombia

A good Gringo friend has an apartment in the same building as I, in Laguito, Cartagena.  Although he has no intentions of selling his beachfront Caribbean apartment, we do have a common love for Medellin.  I asked him to write a brief account of: himself, why he loves this great city, and of the apartment he recently purchased in C onquistadores.

He graciously replied with the following:
 Me?  I'm a retired bum.

Medellin is one of the most livable cities I have visited.  The climate is superb.  The cost of living is low.  The city is clean and progressive, very much a first-world city.  The people are friendly.

I wanted to be near the La Setenta area because it is safe, fun, centrally-located, and much less pretentious than Poblado.  I never thought much about the building although a friend in construction did give it a once-over.  I just went to a local real estate agency in the area and told them what I wanted.

The building is 33 years old, estrato 5.  It is 5 stories high.  My apartment, on the first floor, is 140 square meters plus 30 meters of 2 private terraces plus 2 parking spaces in the garage below the building.  I paid 123 million pesos, or about $55,900. u.s.  The monthly administration fee is 90K per month, or about $41.00 u.s.  It is 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, plus a maid's quarters with bath.  The master bedroom is huge.  The 140 sq. meters of the apartment plus the 30 sq. meters of private terraces works out to a cost per foot of only $30.37 u.s., (plus I have two parking spaces) a fraction of comparable costs in the U.S. or Europe.

I replaced the toilet, sink and tile in the master bath and elevated the shower head.  Some water pipes needed to be replaced as well.  The building had natural gas service, but the apartment did not.  Now it does.  The main electrical power lead had to be replaced.  There were a few windows that needed replacing.  The front door was not very sturdy.  So it was replaced.  The kitchen cabinets were replaced.  And the place was painted.

Conquistadores - Medellin, Colombia        Conquistadores - Medellin, Colombia   
Conquistadores - Medellin, Colombia Conquistadores - Medellin, Colombia Conquistadores - Medellin, Colombia

  Conquistadores - Medellin, Colombia

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