The smoothest, quietest, most enjoyable cable ride in the world....and it's FREE!
If you’ve paid for a METRO ticket you can also ride the METRO CABLE
at no additional cost!

From the METRO station you can see the cable cars going up and down the mountain.

Getting on and off the cars is easy with attendants to help the timid.

Those who have been up and down get off the cars and their all smiles

The views are interesting both in the daytime, and at night.

Approaching the METRO CABLE STATION: Santa Domingo. Get off or get on, it's your choice, as another car will arrive in a minute.

“Take our picture please, please, please?” Three of the four girls liked the idea, but the hold-out hid!

Check out this roof top painting of the logo of the national football (soccer) team.

The barrios served by the METRO CABLE are no longer remote from the city, enabling all to commute quickly, safely and economically.

NOTE: In our opinion, the city of Medellin is missing out on a great promotional opportunity? Here’s the idea: currently, each cable car has a roof mounted solar cell and battery, which at night, powers a small dome light in the car. It should not be a problem to install a second battery that would power a string of outside LED lights which would outline the shape of the each car? Use solid color lights, or perhaps the colors of the Colombia Flag? If all of the cars were lighted at night, moving up and down the mountain, you would be able to see them from miles around, promoting METRO, METRO CABLE and MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA.

One more idea from a guy who's been in the promotion business for 40 years...........the METRO provides brief recorded announcements as the train approaches each station. In our opinion, the small cost of adding an English version of the announcement, would quickly be offset through the creation of a POSITIVE LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL IMAGE for The City of Medellin. Plus, this simple addition to the tape would encourage passengers and students in particular, to learn English as they rode the METRO!

Metrocable Stations

Acevedo Station: Acevedo is the base station and is known as the "motor station", since it contains the electrical system that powers the entire Metrocable system.

Andalusia Station:
Located at street 107 between 4A and 47., it is the first station of the Metrocable.

Popular Station:
Located at street 107, between 42B and 42C, of Popular district #1.

Station Return:
Located in Santo Domingo Savio # 1, at street 106 between 31A and 32, in the sector known as Candlemas. This is the last station of the Metrocable system. Here, the cable cars turn and begin their decent to the Acevedo station at the main line.

This station also contains the hydraulic motors which maintain the proper tension of the overhead cable.

Characteristics of the Metrocable System

Technical details
Metrocable - line K: Andalusia, Popular, Santo Domingo Savio
Type of System
Uncoupleable monocable gondola
Length of the route
2072 ms
399 ms
Speed of the system
5 m/second
Number of suport pilings
Electrical (zero emissions)
Diameter of the cable and weight
51 mm compact soul 42 tons
Installed capacity (passengers/hour)
Width of the route
5.7 ms
Constructed area total
10.200 m2
Total urban area
9.000 m2
Number of cars
93 with capacity for 10 users c/u
Distance between the cabins
60 ms
12 sec.
Engineering specifications
Cabins are mfd. by Diamond corp., of aluminum, with internal illumination and intercommunications. Powered by solar cells affixed to the roof of each cabin.
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