Commercial operation of The Medellin Metro began on November 30, 1995. Since that time, the line has transported hundreds of millions of passengers in complete safety, comfort, and security. The Metro runs like a Swiss watch with a ticket cost of about 50 u.s. cents!

Currently there are a total 28 stations. Nineteen serving Line A, 7 on Line B and 3 on the Metrocable.

The Medellin Metro follows the Valley of Aburrá, serving historical, commercial, government, tourist and industrial locations. Medellin's modern transportation system is an equal to other important Latin american systems serving Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Caracas, Mexico City and Santiago de Chile.


Line A is 23,2 kilometers long, and for the most part, follows the Medellin River, joining the two municipalities of Niquia in the North with Itagui in the South.

Line A Station names are: Niquía, Beautiful, Wood, Acevedo, Tricentenario, the Caribbean, University, Hospital, Prado, Berrío Park, San Antonio, Alpujarra, Exhibitions, Industrialists, Town, Aguacatala, Ayurá, Envigado and Itagüí.

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Line B began operations on February 29, l996, and is 5.6 kilometers in length with six elevated stations and one at ground level. Line B goes from San Javier, in the West of the city, to Bolivar with Maturín, in the Station San Antonio. It entered operations the 29 of February of 1996.

Line B station names are: San Javier, Santa Lucia, Floresta, Stage, South American, Cisneros, San Antonio.

Lines A and B are connected by a third section of tracks which extend from the Caribbean Station on Line A to the South American Station, on Line B. This section of tracks is all at ground level.


On July 30, 2004 the Metrocable began operations serving a lower socio-economic area with direct connections to the Metro Line. The inhabitants of this Northeastern Sector of Medellin have all benefited from this improved transportation system. Plans call for other Metrocable routes to be established.

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