The Medellin Metro
World Class Transportation

The METRO runs north and south through the center of beautiful Medellin, along, and above, the River Medellin.

The "ticket to ride" costs about 50 cents u.s. and includes Line A, Line B and the Metrocable. Line A has 19 stations and the total run takes a bit over a half hour. Additional cars are added during heavier demand times, so the scheduled times remain the same. Line B runs east and west and has 7 stations. The Metrocable, with four stations, goes up the mountain heading east, offering tourists some spectacular views of Medellin.

Ultra clean, safe, efficient, and loads of fun, the METRO is a modern world- class transportation system. It easily beats anything Disney has to offer, and at a Peso-like fraction of the cost. For loads of fun get off at each station, check out the views, and get back on the next train which will stop and pick you up in about five minutes.

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