The Company of Massive Transport of the Valley of Aburrá - City of Medellín was created May 31, 1979 as a joint effort between the Municipality of Medellín and the Department of Antioquia. In 1979 they begin technical and economic feasibility studies, which were made by Mott, Hay & Anderson Ltda.

In 1980 the project also included the Federal Government, which in December of 1982 approved the method for funding 100% of the necessary resources for the work. In 1984, German and Spanish companies were contracted.

On November 30, 1995, at 11:00 a.m., the first commercial operation of the first section, between Niquía and Poblado stations, was opened. The network with its two Lines was completed in 1996.

Currently the Metro boasts a total of 25 stations: 6 on Line A, and 19 on Line B. Now, after seven years of operation, the Metro handles 12% of the collective public transportation needs of Medellin, Colombia.

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