A fun, easy, in-expensive way to tour Medellin, Colombia

The Tour Bus runs daily, picking up and dropping off sightseerers at about seven different locations located throughout Medellin.

Our guide was Claudia, a sharp and pleasant gal who was very knowledgable about Medellin. She engaged the tourists with questions and answers throughout the tour. Everybody had a good time.

Here, Claudia is pointing out the public toilets which were available at other stops as well.


The toilets are constructed from Colombian marble, attended and always clean.

The tour lasts about four hours. Pickup and dropoff times are stagered throughout the day, and so Claudia's workday is from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. The Bus Tour costs 10 mil Pesos (about $5.u.s.) and eight mil Pesos for seniors-a real bargain! There were about ten or so stops where everybody can get off the bus to visit the various attractions. You can leave your belongings in the bus as the driver stays aboard throughout the trip.

By the time the bus stopped at the last pick-up point, there were about 35 passengers. All were Hispanic, with the exception of myself, "the happy Gringo".

Concrete parabolic sound reflectors, about 80 feet apart from each other, permit you to "turn your back" on your talking partner while you carry on a conversation in a hushed voice. The kids were amazed!

In Medellin, public fountains, waterfalls and pools always have the welcome mat out for the children:


Claudia explains a unique sun dial which is accurate to within about 5 minutes, AND it requires no batteries!

The longest stop was reserved for CERRO NUTIBERA an old colonial town high above Medellin. The views of the city are spectacular

To visit a photo tour of Cerro Nutibera click here.

Claudia does not speak English (she says: I'm learning") which may indicate that the Turibus owners are not very serious about promoting Medellin, to the international tourist market?

You may visit their Spanish only website at:

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