Medellin is served by two airports

The Herrera Airport (SKMD / EOH) is located in the City and serves as a short-haul intra Colombia commercial, business and private aircraft airport.

The José María Córdoba Airport is located 30 km southeast of the city and serves as the International Airport.

Olaya Herrera (EOH)

Jose Maria Cordoba Airport (MDE)

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The airport is about 45 minutes away from the city. You drive through mountains, the scenery is beautiful. The airport structure is somewhat like Miami´s International Airport (basically two levels in an arch) but much smaller. Arriving passengers leave the airport through the lower level, lots of taxis and minibuses waiting for passengers to take them to the city. No illegal taxis allowed. Fare: about 12 dollars (around 32 thousand pesos). There are no exchange houses at the airport, only in the city, most taxi drivers won´t accept dollars. Try to buy Colombian pesos at the airport in the US.

www.MedellinInfo note: All Medellin taxies charge by the METER. (Make sure the meter is registering the minimum charge when you get into the cab.).

The President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe, was born in Medellin,
and has had a very positive influence on Colombia's Airports

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