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Medellin A-Z  E-Mail Addresses

Following are current Medellin E-Mail addresses, arranged alphabetically, by CATEGORY, or type of business.

This information is from Medellín 2005 Páginas Amarillas y Blancas Comerciales. Our compliments to: Paginas Amarillas de PUBLICAR ( for their effort, and a job well done.

With increased National and International exposure, provided by the Internet, these progressive Medellin businesses, which use E-Mail, can now be more effective in improving their businesses, and the economy of Medellin.

If you are using this A-Z Listing to solicit business, be considerate and refrain from sending E-Mail which is un-related to their businesses, or mail commonly referred to as SPAM.


To add your business name and E-Mail address, send us an E-Mail with the NAME of your business, the CATEGORY, and E-MAIL address. Your business must be established in Medellin.

Per thousand businesses, in different Colombia cities, Medellin has the highest usage of E-Mail. Medellin is recognized throughout Colombia as progressive and very strong in industrial, manufacturing, assemble, and higher education, and therefore the heavy use of E-Mail comes as no surprise.

If your native or preferred language is English, or another major language, do not hesitate to correspond as you prefer. While Medellin is progressive, many of the business owners and managers need a gentle push when it comes to communication in a second language. When they see there is money to be made by hiring (along with a 15% increase in pay!) a multi lingual employee, many will respond positively.


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